The Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA) was established in 1946 by dedicated state employees to effectively represent and advocate for the interests of state employees and retirees.

TPEA is one of the largest and most experienced associations representing state employees, plus the only nonunion, nonpartisan group serving state employees during and after their careers.
The Texas Legislature holds sway over crucial aspects of your career, from salaries to benefits, both during your service and in retirement. As state employees, we recognize that our strength lies in our unity through membership.

TPEA is dedicated to supporting state employees and retirees, advocating for better salaries, benefits, and more, enabling dedicated Texans like yourself to pursue fulfilling careers in public service. Together, we form a formidable force that drives positive change.

Thanks to the efforts of TPEA members, these achievements highlight the power of collective action and the importance of being part of our association.

"I wished I would have joined earlier in my career at TDCJ," said Vernon Pittman.

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