Qualifications for Board of Directors

The TPEA Nominations Committee is accepting applications until March 25, 2021, to fill elected positions on the TPEA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determined that between 3-6 directors shall be elected to the TPEA Board of Directors for the fiscal year beginning September 1, 2021.*

No more than one-third (1/3) of the Directors may be an employee from the same state agency, and no more than one-third (1/3) of the Directors may be a retiree. TPEA currently has 1 Board member each from TDCJ, Lottery Commission, and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and 3 Retired Board of Director members not up for reelection. Active Members of TPEA (state employees or retirees) who are in good standing with TPEA are eligible to run for a Board of Director position in this election. A TPEA member in good standing means the Association dues are current. Applicants must submit a complete application along with a Conflict of Interest Form (linked at the end of the survey and below) no later than March 25, 2021. All applicants will be asked to participate in a candidate forum shortly after elections begin in early April.

  • Directors serve a three (3) year term and serve without compensation.
  • Term starts 9/1/2021 and runs until 8/31/2024.
  • Directors serve at large and may come from any geographic area of the state of Texas. 
  • Directors attend and participate in the TPEA Board of Directors’ meetings and any special called meetings; give information to the general membership; and support and adhere to the TPEA bylaws, policies, and procedures. Directors always promote the Association. 

All Active TPEA members (state employees and retirees) in good standing are eligible to vote. 

* The TPEA Bylaws currently set the number of board positions ranging from 12-15 members. There are presently 12 board positions filled, six of which are becoming vacant. The Board of Directors is considering a proposed Bylaw change to set the number of Board of Directors members ranging from 6-9 members. The Board of Directors determined that there shall be nine (9) Board of Director members if the Bylaw change is approved. If the Bylaw change is then approved by vote of the Association, three vacant positions will be filled during this election.


 CONFLICT OF INTEREST form (mandatory for applicants)


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