2017 TPEA Legislative Survey Results

Response rate: TPEA’s 2017 Legislative Survey was open between Feb. 15 and March 2, 2017. The survey was sent to more than 100,000 state employee email addresses as well as our home email list. It received more than 17,000 responses, which provides a 99-percent confidence rate and a +/- 2 percent margin of error.

How did we reach as many state employees as possible? We sent the survey to our home email list this year in order to reach more state employees who lack regular computer access at work. The survey was also optimized for mobile devices so it could be taken on a smartphone or tablet.


Key Results

Demographics & Future Plans

  • About 16 percent of respondents were “Millennials” (age 34 or younger). Eighty (80) percent were between the ages of 35 and 64.
  • We received significant numbers of responses (at least 300) from each of the following agencies: Department of Public Safety, Department of Transportation, Department of Criminal Justice, Workforce Commission, Health and Human Services Commission, Attorney General's Office, Department of State Health Services, Commission on Environmental Quality, Parks and Wildlife Department and Comptroller of Public Accounts.
  • Health insurance, followed closely by retirement plan and job stability/security, was cited as the No. 1 attraction to state employment.
  • Three-quarters (3/4) of respondents make less than $65,000 a year. Almost half indicate that they have dependents.
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents plan to retire from the State of Texas.
  • Among those who plan to leave state employment before retirement, the need for a higher income was the No. 1 reason (72 percent) cited, followed by the need for advancement or professional growth opportunities (18 percent).
  • Half of respondents will be eligible to retire in the next 10 years.

Salary Feedback

  • Eighty-five (85) percent of employees believe that if their agency implemented a merit-based pay increase system that they would be considered a top performer and, therefore, eligible for an increase.
  • Just over 50 percent agree or strongly agree that their agency would implement a merit pay increase fairly and equitably.
  • Two-thirds (67 percent) of respondents say merit pay would improve productivity at their agency.
  • No pay raise would cause 61 percent to seek other employment.

Health Care Feedback

  • Changes to health care would cause 56 percent to seek other employment.

Retirement Benefits Feedback

  • Changes to the pension would cause 68 percent to seek other employment.

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