TPEA invites you to participate in the 2020 Annual Meeting of Members. Your participation starts with submitting your e-votes for Directors and bylaws changes now, then joining us online via Zoom on June 27,2020 to hear the election results and receive updates from the Board of Directors. Click here for more election details.

To protect the health and safety of our members, employees, Board of Directors and our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, TPEA will hold its 2020 Annual Meeting of Members in an online (virtual) format. Click here to join the online meeting.

SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 20209:30 AM

I.            Welcome and call to order

II.           Pledge of Allegiance

III.          Minutes

IV.          President’s Address

V.           Year in Review

VI.         Financial Report

VII.        Communications Report

VIII.       Membership Committee Report

IX.         EMPACT report

X.          Legislative Committee Reports

XI.         Bylaws Committee Report

    XII.        Director Election results and installation of new directors      

    XIII.       Election and installation of new officers

    XIV.       Incoming President’s address

    XV.        Announcements

    XVI.       Adjournment

    Three membership votes will be presented during this meeting: a vote to fill the vacant positions on the board of directors, a vote to suspend Bylaws Article IV Section 5 (d)(4) requiring that the winner of the director election must have at least a majority of the votes (as opposed to the most votes)  and a vote on bylaws changes to be effective September 1, 2020.