April 2017

Budget Conference Committee Named

Posted on 4/21/2017
Speaker of the House Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have named the members of the budget conference committee charged with crafting a compromise between the budgets passed by the House and Senate.

Comparing the House and Senate Budgets

Posted on 4/12/2017
The outlook for active and retired state employees in the House and Senate budgets is mixed given the realities of the financial shortfall. The two budgets take a similar approach to benefits and compensation.

Letter to the Editor: Recognize State Employee Contributions

Posted on 4/11/2017
"As legislators make critical decisions about state government within a 140-day window, it’s important to acknowledge the contributions of the nearly 150,000 state employees who carry out the Legislature’s assigned missions 365 days a year."

Open Letter from Current ERS Board Member Brian Ragland

Posted on 4/3/2017
"I have known and worked with board candidate Benito Ybarra since he joined the Texas Department of Transportation, and I can tell you that he has the demonstrated skills, temperament and mindset to serve you on the ERS Board of Trustees."

Senate Passes Bill to End Payroll Deduction of Membership Dues

Posted on 4/3/2017
SB 13 carves out police, firefighter and EMT unions while prohibiting nonunion, Texas-only organizations such as TPEA from collecting membership dues via payroll deduction.